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Reports and Support Team

About STORM Systems:

STORM Systems is a cutting-edge service dedicated to safeguarding the online community from various threats, including data leaks, content ripping, unauthorized selling, and more. We operate as a reporting and review platform where concerned individuals can anonymously submit reports about potential online issues. Our team of dedicated staff members reviews and rates the evidence provided, ensuring fairness and impartiality in our decision-making process. Our senior staff members oversee the final decision-making, taking into account all available information and staff opinions to protect the digital realm effectively.

Job Description:

STORM Systems are seeking knowledgeable, team-orientated and professional individuals to join our Reports & Support Team. In this role, you will play a crucial part in the platforms most important function. Handling new reports that come in and giving your recommendations on what sort of points deductions people should receive, whilst acfting in an unbiased and fair approach to everything you do. Whilst STORM does not act in an investigative capacity, we do take reasonable steps to ensure the factuality of evidence submitted to us, and communicate with members of the community where applicable.

You will also be responsible for handling support tickets that are opened on our Discord – whether it be technical support setting up the bot on someones server, or giving someone an idea of how our platform works, you will be the face of the platform. You will do all of this whilst complying with GDPR legislation and the terms of an NDA which must be signed upon joining the team and complied with at all times.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review and rate evidence provided in reports.
  • Provide recommendations on the next actions of a report.
  • Work with other Staff Members to ensure that the platforms guidelines and policies are enforced and maintained at all times.
  • Submit staff reports for users that you know have breached our guidelines.
  • Review and respond to tickets in our Discord server promptly and professionally.
  • Take an unbiased and fair approach to everything that you do.
  • Maintain confidentiality and data protection at all times.
  • Comply with all of the conditions of your NDA.

Benefits of joining us:

  • A range of discounts at participating modding groups (eg. Rellent, OMSolutions & State Zero).
  • Work amongst a small and flexible team where you can learn new things and mix with dedicated colleagues.
  • High level insight into an envrionment where fast decision-making and teamwork is key.
This position is no longer accepting applications.

 Visit our main site to learn more about STORM or submit a report

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